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  1. Hi there!I’ve just finished plaiyng. Could you tell me your address, please? I really need to find you and kill you. My poor sensitive gay wizard still can’t get over Robin’s remark about his duties as a we-know-who-he-is. Give the boys a chance or DIE at the hands of wicked fangirls!!! ))But seriously, the module is amazing. Usually when I’m stuck and frustrated as hell I simply uninstall and curse the game, but this time I just couldn’t walk away from it it’s addictive! Even feeling like a complete idiot and wandering the ruins for endless hours couldn’t stop me from finishing the module. Too bad you didn’t mention the graphic card issues in the readme yeah, I’m one of the unlucky souls who couldn’t see all the consoles and stuff.Anyway keep up the amazing work! I LOVE you!PS: Maybe the Talent could tell the hero that inventing democracy and walking away from monarchy could give them a future ? ;D

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